Our mission at Camino Verde is to Produce and distribute the world-renowned cacao of Ecuador, the cacao Nacional. We have restored a 16-year abandoned plantation in the canton of Balao in the Guayas province of Ecuador. We proudly grow Nacional cacao on our plantation which produces a bean with an exquisite aroma and incomparable flavor: an essential ingredient in the production of fine, gourmet, artisanal, and small batch chocolates. There are three things that make Camino Verde unique: The history of cacao production in Balao, our 120 family history of chocolate making, and our scientific approach to farming.

Camino Verde – The Taste of Quality

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What our customers are saying

“Camino Verde is a special place, thoughtfully maintained and carefully crafted for the best cacao in Ecuador. From the farmers to the fields, Camino Verde is a place to behold.”

– Sam Ratto, chocolate maker at Videri Chocolate, USA.

The flavor of Ecuadorian cacao

The specialty of Camino Verde is its ability to bring out the best flavors that Ecuadorian cacao has to offer. Because of their dedication to research they have become experts on fermentation. Their end product maintains the strong floral, fruity and nutty notes that distinguish it from bulk cacao. This cacao is for chocolate makers that are interested in distinguishing their product in an artisan market.

-Cacao quality control analyst, Ecuador.